Feb 9, 2011


I always liked all animals but was never a big-time dog person....until I got one.
She's my best model.

Feb 7, 2011

wishing winter

before the fog lifted

Early morning drive down River Road. Hazard/perk of my job I guess. Is it ever too early for a drive-by shooting? Not this kind. Random side of the road shot, a blackbird swarm and rare digital light leak(!) and a shot of part of LSU's campus right off of River Road.

Feb 6, 2011

Stacks and stacks of books

DREAM ROOM. THE SELBY's latest post. Lots of the spaces Todd Selby photographs share these lovable traits: stark white walls, schizophrenic artwork hung in a salon fashion, amazing collections of beautiful and/or kooky objects...and perhaps that's why I'm obsessed with The Selby.
I just want to know why my haphazard stacks of books never could look like they do in this room? Hmm?

Been a while..

So I haven't been on Blogger in forrreeevvvverrrr. These days I use tumblr for my basically-only-photo blog, but I am reviving this one for projects, creative pursuits and whatever else I fancy at the moment. This blog needs some design help itself!

Side board

I need something exactly like this. With a budget of as-little-as-possible and no woodworking skills or tools, this quest should be interesting.