Aug 28, 2009


vertical panorama by my friend, cameron

Aug 25, 2009

Big landscapes

Four paintings by the late, great Elemore Morgan, Jr.
His paintings of the landscapes of Acadiana are somehow soothing and exciting all at once. He painted on-site--the changing light, its shadows, the wind, and its effects on the prairie-fields are evident in his evocative work. I saw his work in the Contemporary Arts Center of Acadiana in Lafayette a couple of years ago....a huge, beautiful white space that held Morgan's giant sweeping landscapes quite well. (really, some of the panoramas are 20'+ in length!)

All images are from the website of the Arthur Roger gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Aug 18, 2009

Clouds of Fire

Sunset in the country across from my parents' home.

Aug 17, 2009


Acadiana adventures abound.
The first three pictures are from:

Aug 4, 2009

Little bits

1. In the cane fields on River Road, northwest of Baton Rouge

2. Small Pan figurine in the garden of Dumbarton Oaks, Washington D.C.

3. Ladybug in Courtney's hand

4. Blue jay feathers and bricks


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